The Top 5 Paint Colors That Increase Property Value in 2024

When it comes to selling your home, the right paint colors can significantly impact your property’s value and appeal. At Coeur d’Alene Painting Group, we understand the importance of choosing colors that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also attract potential buyers. Based on recent trends and expert recommendations, here are the top five paint colors that can increase your property value in 2024.

1. Classic Navy

Why It Works: Classic navy is a timeless color that exudes elegance and sophistication. It works well in various settings, from exterior accents to interior feature walls. Navy blue is versatile and pairs beautifully with both modern and traditional decor styles, making it a favorite among homeowners and designers alike.

Where to Use It: Consider using navy on your front door, shutters, or as an accent wall in living rooms and bedrooms. It provides a rich backdrop that complements a variety of color palettes .

2. Soft Greige

Why It Works: Greige, a blend of gray and beige, offers the best of both worlds. It’s neutral enough to appeal to a wide audience but has enough warmth to make spaces feel inviting and cozy. This versatile color works well in any room, providing a sophisticated and modern look.

Where to Use It: Greige is perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. It creates a serene environment and pairs well with white trim and natural wood accents .

3. Warm White

Why It Works: Warm white is a classic choice that never goes out of style. It brightens up spaces, making them appear larger and more open. Warm white tones are inviting and can make a home feel fresh and clean, which is particularly appealing to potential buyers.

Where to Use It: Use warm white for walls, ceilings, and trim throughout your home. It provides a clean, cohesive look and serves as a perfect backdrop for any decor style .

4. Earthy Green

Why It Works: Earthy green tones, such as sage and olive, are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek to bring nature indoors. These colors create a calming atmosphere and are associated with tranquility and balance. Earthy greens work well with a variety of natural materials and finishes, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the home.

Where to Use It: Consider using earthy green in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. It pairs well with wooden furniture and neutral accessories, creating a harmonious and inviting space .

5. Bold Black

Why It Works: While it may seem unconventional, black can make a strong statement when used appropriately. Black accents add depth and contrast, creating a sophisticated and modern look. It’s especially effective in highlighting architectural features and creating focal points within a space.

Where to Use It: Use black for front doors, window frames, and accent walls. It provides a striking contrast to lighter colors and can dramatically enhance curb appeal .


Choosing the right paint colors can significantly impact your property’s value and appeal to potential buyers. Classic navy, soft greige, warm white, earthy green, and bold black are the top paint colors for 2024 that can enhance your home’s aesthetic and marketability. At Coeur d’Alene Painting Group, we are committed to helping you make the best choices for your home. Contact us today for expert advice and top-quality painting services that will increase the beauty and value of your property.