Interior Painting Services

Coeur D’Alene Painting Group transforms your home’s interior into an inspiring haven for relaxing, connecting, and inviting guests into your home.

The secret to an inspiring interior design is all in the details

You have a vision for your home, not only for the way it will look, but also how you will live within it. For example, the colors and finishes you choose set the stage for the relaxing space you need to recenter yourself after a busy week or the perfect ambiance for hosting dinner for your guests.

Our expert team helps you find the perfect colors for your home by making recommendations and pointing out the functional impacts of your options like how it will affect the light or temperature in the room. Some colors work better on a swatch than they do in the context of your home, and we make sure your choice is one you can enjoy for years to come.

Then, as our painters go to work, every last detail is taken into account to make sure your walls become a perfect backdrop for the life you plan to live.

We Protect Your Home as We Work

Here’s an industry insider’s secret. 100% of the success of your project is determined by the level of detailed preparations your painters perform.

Imperfections in your walls need to be repaired to ensure a smooth finish. Surfaces need to be cleaned. Gaps between baseboards and drywall must be properly caulked to protect your home from moisture.

And the rest of your home needs to be protected! We make sure your floors and all of the surfaces you DON’T want painted are covered. Cleanliness and respect for your property are our top priority.

Perfection Is Required

Our mission is nothing less that to paint the most beautiful homes in the Inland Northwest, and that doesn’t happen by accident. Our painters are highly trained in their craft.

Meanwhile, our team members never cut corners in the name of efficiency. Perfection and precision always come first. We give our painters the time and leeway they need to deliver a truly excellent final product.

Only Friendly, Expert Painters Need Apply

As opposed to painting services that dispatch unfamiliar subcontractors for a job, we know the people entering your home. Many of our team members have been with us for more than 10 years and are as much family to us as they are employees.

Our expert, professional painters have been carefully vetted and even more carefully trained to provide a comfortable, friendly experience alongside the precision craftsmanship that has kept us in business for more than 25 years.

Ask Us for a Reference!

There are many members of our community who are happy to speak to the quality of our work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We hold ourselves to a high standard, and your project isn’t complete until we complete a final walkthrough together.

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Pinpointing Painting Perfection

5 Ways to Know You’re Getting What You Pay For


As a local small builder who’s been building in Northern Idaho for close to 30 years, I want to give credit where it’s due! CDA Painting Group has done an incredible job for me and my clients! The quality of work and professionalism of all of their staff has been amazing, and being somewhat of a perfectionist, I don’t throw compliments out without a certain standard being met! I would highly recommend them for any job and want to thank them and all of their employees for keeping such a high standard for their workmanship!!

Steve Hirst


CDA Painting Group always takes great care of their customers. I’ve hired them for multiple projects, in different businesses and personally. They always go above and beyond, scheduling to make sure we meet our deadline, and even when I throw in an extra thing or two. Thanks guys!!

Ali Krupp


Coeur d’Alene painting group is fantastic . Speedy service and the best professionalism . They were quick to come out and give me a quote and fit us in to their busy schedule .The paint color was a great match to the swatch I gave them . I”m looking forward to using them again for all my painting needs . Bravo to the Coeur d’Alene painting group……..



AMAZING!!!! First of all, I wish I would of found The Stain Shop a lot sooner! It would of saved me a lot of headache and wasted money. Derek was so knowledgeable and very helpful. He made sure I got exactly what I wanted and he was always willing to go out of his way to help. I am so happy with my wood door stain and finally have it done the way I wanted it. Thank you Derek and Crew!!!!




Additional Interior Painting and Repair Services at CDA Painting Group

Drywall Repairs

While drywall services are not something we offer in-house, we have strong relationships with local professionals who can complete the job to your standards (and ours).

Painting cabinets is a cost-effective way to update a kitchen or bathroom without adding additional time and expense to your project. Our high-end cabinet painting process delivers a factory-grade finish in the color and style of your choosing.

If you’d prefer to keep a more natural look, we can re-tone the cabinets as well. This specialized process allows us to change and update the stain color. Imagine, for example, transitioning from dated honey oak cabinets to a rich, dark finish.

Our in-house stain and lacquer shop uses industry-leading technology and artisan care to craft stunning custom trim and doors that celebrate the unique, natural beauty and qualities of the wood.